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Turf & Plant Chemical Care

We provide a turf and plant care program that helps keep your landscape healthy. Our team will evaluate your site to see if there are any existing pests or diseases infecting your landscape.

Our concept is that landscape plants & lawns be selected and installed to maximize both their utility & ornamental qualities, and maintained in a sustainable way for good health and appearance. The plant and turf environment is considered from soil drainage & moisture factors, sun – shade exposure, space available for growth, soil nutritional factors, pruning requirements, pest susceptibility, soil biological activity, & more.

Integrated plant or pest management is a way to manage and improve plant and turf health by the prevention of pest activity, suppression of pests, and the preservation of beneficial insects. Pest problems on lawns or ornamental plants are managed by knowing what pests may be active at any certain time, their life cycles, how much plant damage may happen, and when those pests are most susceptible to controls. We’re attempting to minimize pest activity and damage, but not to eliminate insects or micro-organisms from the landscape since most insects in our landscapes do not damage the growth or health of our plants.

With the use of these programs we can help you protect your investment, and enjoy more time outside- hassle free