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Lawn Care

A well maintained landscape tells your tenants, employees, homeowners and visitors you care. Landscape management is as much about the managing as it is about the landscaping. WBLL anticipates and proactively addresses landscape challenges before problems arise. Should a problem occur, we respond immediately with a solution. Our account managers are responsible for making sure you are satisfied. Our experienced field supervisors direct their crews to make sure all of your maintenance priorities are addressed every week and nothing goes un-done. Our in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve allows us to anticipate the needs of individual properties. Our insight and experience makes us a resource and true partner in the business of managing your property to its highest potential.

  • Design
  • Grading
  • Irrigation
  • Erosion Control
  • Planting Shrubs & Trees
  • Sodding


A well-designed commercial landscape speaks volumes about your business. It can attract visitors, customers, and even employees. A great landscape design and construction project by Wrightsville Beach Landscaping and lawn care Co. will add to your property’s value, add value to the community, and all of that adds to the bottom line. Our landscape designs are driven by your business’s unique requirements and preferences. Our goal is to enhance your company’s brand, add beauty and value to your property and deliver all of this on time and within your budget.

Wrightsville Beach Landscaping and lawn care is uniquely qualified to help you achieve a first-class image of your business with our professional commercial design and build services. The great service continues year, after year, with our image enhancing lawn care services.


Let us show you how landscaping can add beauty and value to your home. We can even show you how landscaping can improve your enjoyment of your yard. In short, a landscape designed and installed by WBLL can add another level to your property.

From our first meeting with you will notice our focus is on you. We want to know about you! What do you like to do in your yard? How do you use your landscaping today? How would you like to use your outdoor space? Do you entertain? How much time do you want to spend maintaining your landscape? These are just a few of the questions we ask you when we begin your landscape project. We will learn as much information about you and your vision as we can so we can custom-design your landscape and deliver the result you The landscape project you have, whether small or large, will be done right by our Company. We can create a simple landscape plan for your front yard that will transform the look of your home and add curb appeal. We can also design and build elaborate backyard getaways. We have completed landscaping projects with a wide range of budgets. No job is to small. The budget is not what is important to us. What is important is having a client who wants a quality project. To be blunt, we do everything the best possible way or we don’t do it!